Oh Chloe.

Yo! I'm back. Today I did a very big thing. ^_^ I deleted my message board. I'm sick of boards these days. So everyone go visit my site http://make-her-pretty.atspace.org. I've got a new layout on my site so tell me what you think. Thanks. 

Songs I Chloe Marresce is lovin' today!

  • Teairra Marie - No daddy
  • Rihanna - Pon De Replay
  • Outkast - GhettoMusick
  • Justin Timberlake - Good Foot
  • Brooke Valentine - GirlFight
  • Brooke Valentine - Cover Girl
  • JS - Ice-cream

At the moment I'm helping LaKeyla with coding her site. When I'm finish I may add some more content to my site.  My sister has been driving me mad. She keeps asking me to draw her pictures so she can color them. *_* She acts like she's 4 but she's 12 years old. I've got a lot of things to do.

  1. Tidy up my room. {DONE}
  2. Take Hollie to Clarks for new shoes. {DONE}
  3. Make dinner.
  4. Help mom tidy the house up.
  5. Go and see Aaron <3
  6. Add new stuff to my site.
  7. Help Angel and Shar with finding a present for Kelis.

Right now I've only done 1 and 2. I'm very busy for a 15 year old. lol I'm off because I got a whole lot of stuff to do as you can see so bye bye for now!

xoxox Chloe


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    Teairra Marie - No daddy

I ♥ Aaron!

I added a lot of stuff to my board today. I feel good. No, I feel great. Make me feel even better by.... JOINING MY BOARD http://www.rasphody.com/candellical I will love you forever. Plus first ten members get 5000 phunkie bucks. Join now! lol

Do you know why I'm feeling happy?.......
Aaron and me are BACK TOGETHER! Yeah! I don't like Henry anymore. He's a fucking shit head. Aaron did not beat him up. (I wish he did now) But he just warned him to leave me alone and he has. My sisters are moving out today! yeah It's just going to be me, Hollie, my mum and her boyfriend. I'm going to get my own room! whooohooo! No more sharing with Lisa because her and Sharon are gone!! Yeah! lol But I am going to kinda miss them. No more arguments, fights, stealing stuff and bitch slapping. lol When they are gone me and Hollie are going to have a party! lol Lot's of icecream, sweets, chocolates and cake! Aaron is coming over as well. Char's birthday is coming up and I don't know what to give her. lol Got any ideas? Jay (My 18 year old half brother) is a biatch! lol We all own this music site with some other people. I put up 2000 songs last night. Jay deleted them. lol He said he did not know it was the music file and he thought it was some dumb file Angelica put up. He should of known it was the music file because the name of the file is music. duh! lol So now I have to spend another 6 hours puting all the songs back up. Poor me. Wanna request a song? http://musicphunk.atspace.com

Aaron ♥ Chloe forever!

xoxox Chloe
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Did you miss me?

I know you did. lol
So what's up everyone? I have not updated in ages. Well I'm back and I'm going to try and update more. :) If you have not notice I have a new layout. ^_^ Do you like it? Anyway I want all you lot to do something for me. Join my board! please. http://rasphody.com/candellical My friend Nancy helped me out with the board yesterday and now it's up I would like all you lot to join.
Anyone got Yahoo Messenger. I'm bored. So add me. My screenname is sybil1st.

Henry and I went shopping. He didn't want to go but then he changed his mind. First we go into Claire's and I buy some lipgloss and stuff. Henry starts moaning and saying he wants to go JD sports to get some TN's. So we go there and he takes hours. When he finishes we go to KFC to eat. I have to pay for everything because he spended all his money on TN's. So while we are eating he's friends come over and start being rude to me. Instead of telling them to stop he joins them. So I get angry and I walk off with my stuff. Henry and his mates are screaming out Chloe is a bitch and other stuff. When I get home I phone Sharica and tell her about everything. She tells me to tell Aaron (my ex). I ask her why and she says just do it. So I do. I tell Aaron about everything. He tells me he'll sort out Henry and his friends. I ask him what was he going to do to them? He just says "don't worry. I still love you". Then he hangs up. I try to call him back put no one picks up the phone. I'm worried about what he's going to do. He might hurt them but I don't really care as long as he does not get his friends to do it as well.
Well I'm off.

xoxox Chloe
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